Selfless Living or “It’s Not About Me”

My husband and I were having supper with Jim and Lynn, some very good friends. They are the type people who even though they have moved from our town, whenever we get together, the conversation just flows – like we haven’t been apart. If you have friends like this, you know it is one of God’s blessings. Their son had recently been married at a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. Of course much planning had gone into this event, including Lynn’s shopping for just the perfect island dress. I recall she had mentioned her efforts in emails to me and I can recall the exciting email of the picture of the dress after she finally found the right one.

The story that follows about their son’s wedding day is a true depiction of selfless living or “It’s not about me!” Jim and Lynn were getting ready for the wedding in their hotel room. Lynn slipped on her dress and turned to Jim to have him zip up the back. The zipper broke! Nothing could be done to fix it. What to do? A destination wedding on an island away from home. No extra dresses to go to in the closet back at home. Lynn talked to their son and asked about any of the other women attending –  maybe they had something she could wear. Their was one hopeful situation of a young lady who wore a size 2 (Lynn wears a 4). Lynn hurried to the girl’s room and tried on a halter dress the girl had. It just wouldn’t work though. What to do, what to do??

Lynn pulled herself together and put on a pair of white capris and a fancier type top she had brought. She did get to wear the very fancy sandals that went beautifully with her dress. Lynn made a decision that the day wasn’t about her and the dress malfunction. The day was for their son and his bride. Any more mention of the dress disaster would shift the focus and take away from the bridal couple’s special island wedding day.  The wedding happened and Lynn was just fine in those casual white capris and top. The photos prove she looked great as the Mom of the groom.

As I mentioned before, Lynn embraced selfless living that day. She was able to put herself and her feelings aside and let all who were in attendance at that wedding that the day was totally for their son and his bride. Way to go Lynn – you are an inspiration to me.

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