Our Annual Mother/Daughter Banquet at church

Last Friday night was the annual Mother/Daughter Banquet at our Methodist Church. This dinner and program has been a tradition for more years than this Grandma can remember. I served on the committee this year to plan the banquet and cook the meal for over a hundred daughters, mothers and grandmothers. The part of the evening that tugs at my heart the most is the  item on the program entitled”Blessings of being a Grandma, Mom and Daughter”. The blessings shared were written by our daughter, our granddaughter and myself. I want to share a few words written by our daughter as well as the words that I shared about grandparenting with the banquet attendees.

Our daughter shared that Moms are the  ones who soothe their babies when they cry,comfort their children when they are fearful, and give peace and reassurance to their older children when they are struggling. MOM stands for: Moments of madness; Master of Multi-tasking; Manager of Messes and Made of Money.


Now for what I shared with all the females in attendance that evening:

Blessings of being a Grandma

Grandparenting is all about the opportunity God gives many of us to see our granddaughters and grandsons through a specially created lens made only for grandparents. This lens magnifies and intensifies, even miraclizes (that’s a new word coined just for tonight) each image, or action or sentence spoken by each grandchild. Just everything about each grandchild is a miracle, an event, something that just hasn’t been said or done before. While of course, in our grandparent hearts, we know for a fact that this special lens we’ve been given by God is common and available to all grandparents. That takes nothing away though from how utterly magnificent it is to me.

 I am called Grandma Diane and believe me it is a title of honor. When I hear Maggie, our only granddaughter call me “Grandma Diane”, I spring into action. Maggie and I love clothes – especially putting outfits together, trying different things. In fact her Daddy, Steve, sometimes rolls his eyes at me when he sees Maggie and I start putting outfits together or talking fashion. He says, “Thanks Grandma Diane for influencing Maggie to become a fashionista.”  Last summer Papa Paul and I bought Maggie a pair of short, short jean shorts (that would be for most of us the style we only wear now in our dreams). Maggie loved these shorts, looked cuter than any 6 or 7 yr. old girl could look (forgive me but the Grandma lens is kicking in) and wanted to wear them every day. She wore them when it was too cold for shorts but instead put a pair of tights on under them. She wore them even when they were in the dirty clothes basket and she had to retrieve them. I thought, WOW!, Maggie and I are the same. I had a favorite pair of shorts as a child that I wore just about every day. I wore them under my dresses to give me a more secure feeling on the playground when I did those handstands or jumped rope.

 Maggie and I also share a love of the written word – we love reading words and playing with them, putting them together just like those clothes outfits. We feel lost if we don’t have a book to read. I love that Maggie loves reading! And I love listening to Maggie read.

I have been and continue to be blessed by my grandparents – especially my grandmas. Even after they have been gone many years now, the warm, loving, secure feelings the memories  stir within me are priceless and have helped make me who I am. Every day I pray for Maggie and our grandsons Grant, Ryan and Callum. In my prayers I ask God to please provide for me many opportunities with them so those warm, loving, secure memories such as I have can be a priceless part of their lives also.


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