Tents and Nests here at the New York House

Right now I am sitting at my cozy, newly created, counter desk, looking at the stenciled letters on the wall before me – “Family, where life begins; Love never ends”. When I ended my last blog, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of grandchild #4. Believe it or not, that very night or I should say 12:10 that next morning Callum Charles was born. He is now two weeks old and life is good. Another life has begun and the love of family continues.

Because of Callum’s birth, Papa Paul and I have the opportunity to spend lots of time with Callum’s big brother, Ryan, who is four.  Many adults and children, for sure, feel purchased toys are what makes kids the happiest. I disagree! Ryan and I have been busy creating tents and nests all over the house.

The coffee table or I should say tent, is the perfect camping area in the living room. The little campfire lantern inside the tent adds a nice touch when the flaps of the tent (the bedsheet) are down. Ryan loves the secret place that is created and chatters to himself as he pretends he is a train engine in his little station.

When the tent no longer captures Ryan’s attention, we move on to making a nest on the top of Grandma and Papa’s bed. Ryan arranges all the pillows and any extra that he can find to protect any nest creature from falling out or off the “nest”. We have had various household items reside in the nest: my stuffed Easter bunny decorations; Thomas the train engine coloring pages; my kitchen table placemats and napkin rings; most anything can and does become a nest creature. By far, the best part of the nest is that we both get into it and then have conversations. Heartwarmed is the word that comes to mind to describe how I feel when I have the privilege of sharing these little talks with Ryan.

So there you have it, tents and nests. No money involved and lots of guaranteed fun for a four year old.




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