Thomas, the Train

Thoma sphoto

Our grandson, Ryan, entertains a love of Thomas, the Train, and a great ability, just as any other four year old little boy, to pretend and imagine. It used to be John Deere tractors was his fancy and filled his waking hours. Now, for the last several months, he is fascinated with Thomas and all the other train engines in the Thomas series for children.

Now what I’ve told you so far isn’t so noteworthy. But our grandson has taken Thomas to a new level. I am no longer known as Grandma Diane to him but instead am Edward. Papa Paul, my husband, is Victor. Grandma Pat is Henry and Grandpa Dee is Diesel. Aunt Rachael is Toby. Mommy is Gordon, Daddy is Rosie and Ryan himself is Emily. One can see in Ryan’s mind there is no differentiation between feminine/masculine names. I think certainly for the train engines that we all are, it makes no difference for this Preschooler.

Just a little inside information for you. I keep a list by the telephone of all the family names with our train identities. Whenever I talk with Ryan on the phone, I can quickly refer to the list to keep the names straight. As I ended my conversation with him tonight, he trailed off saying”Bye Edward”.

The engine name of honor though has been given to his baby brother who has yet to be born. Definitely, he is coming soon for Callum’s due date is March 4. The name of honor, you guessed it – Thomas, the Train Engine. For some reason, the thought that Ryan saved this special name for his new baby brother, soon to join their family, just warms my heart. He is anxiously awaiting his arrival as we all are. Yes, Thomas or should I say Callum, will be pulling into the station soon.

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  1. Maureen says:

    I love this, Edward.

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