Blessings from the Nursing Home – Joan’s Memories

I have more time to connect and visit with people now that I am transitioning from my teaching job to whatever I might call the spot I’m in at present. Notice I used the word transitioning instead of transitioned – I continue to be in the process. On this past Monday, I had the opportunity to deliver to nursing home residents the altar flowers from this past weekend’s worship services at our church. Both ladies who were the recipients were more than gracious, in fact I am sure that receiving those bouquets were the greatest blessing of their day.

One of the women, her name is Joan, wanted to tell me about some experiences of her youth. She spent a lot of time playing with her cousin at her uncle’s house which just happened to be at the local cemetery, for he was the caretaker. The cemetery was one of the prime locations for the high school age dating couples who wanted to do a little “Parking”. For all of you younger readers, parking in days past meant some heavy kissing going on. Joan and her cousin knew all the spots at the cemetery that this “Parking” usually took place. We laughed together as she told me how she and her cousin would hide behind gravestones near those popular spots and after the couples got started, the girls would begin making haunting, ghostlike sounds. Of course the “Parking” couples couldn’t get that car in gear and get out of there fast enough.

I don’t really know what brought those memories to mind for Joan but the fact that I had the time and took the time to listen and share her memories was my greatest blessing on Monday. I can’t wait until it is my turn again to deliver altar flowers. Maybe it will be Joan again who will be the recipient and I can hear some more stories from her youth.

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