Wish We Could All Be Genuine and Real.

Since leaving the “day in day out” teaching life, I have been able to spend more time delving into studies such as the book we are reading for our continuing education requirement for our Stephen Ministry at our church.

The title is A Hidden Wholeness by Parker J. Palmer – the journey into an undivided life. Sounds deep and a bit mysterious, doesn’t it? The question that pops up continually in the first few chapters and asked by the author about most everyone – “Is this person the same on the inside as he or she seems to be on the outside?” The chapter we just discussed was titled “Across the Great Divide – Rejoining Soul and Role”.

 With these challenging, thought grabbing words rebounding in my head during the week, I couldn’t help myself as I put them to the test of the national news topics. Like … Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifying to Congress about the attack in Benghazi, Libya which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador J. Chris Stevens and three others. Some of the remarks about her testimony included the emotion she showed. She was close to tears or possibly really had them. Is testifying to Congress a place to show emotion? Is it real? I think so and I think emotion should be shown wherever we are. We’re human. And I also watched the first night coverage of Oprah’s interview with cyclist Lance Armstrong as he revealed the truth or his truth. Can we really believe him? Is what he says to the world reflective of who he is inside? If there wasn’t this great divide in people – this disconnect from soul and role as author Parker J. Palmer writes in his book, it sure would make it easier to trust and believe people.

 I really like the words genuine and real –especially in describing humanity. I’m working my way through the book A Hidden Wholeness – hoping there isn’t too great a divide between my soul and role.

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