Why “Still Mrs. Sprole”?

Here I am! Hopping on this new vehicle of communication for me – blogging. You might wonder why I chose the name “Still Mrs. Sprole” as the name of my blog. Teachers will most likely understand and agree that one thing students, former students, and families of students tend to do is lock your name in their memory banks as “Mrs. Sprole”, who I am and seemingly always will be. Believe me though, it is an honor and I cherish it. I can tell you the names of many of my grade school teachers like Miss Carlton, my fifth grade teacher. I know she had a first name but I don’t know it. When I run into former students and their parents, even if I suggest calling me by my first name, they just can’t do it. And I’m okay with it.

Back to the blog – this itch to get my words out to others has been working on me since I left the classroom on the last day of school. Yes, I retired at the end of the previous school year. I don’t even like the word retire – better for me is the word transition. Thirty five years spent in the classroom and thirty of those years engaged in teaching three and four year old preschoolers. I do miss them – their energy, their excitement, their wonder and interest in life.

What to do now? Thus a blog. Writing has always helped me think more clearly and find direction.

Today I am thinking about the two words purposeful and productive. I need to have those two “p” words in my days and I admit it still is a little difficult for me that I don’t have that other “p” word “paid” in my day. But maybe that is fuel for another blog.

Today’s purpose is to establish and begin this blog and my goodness, I’ve done it. And in doing so, I’ve been productive also.

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